Whether your requirement is for commercial electrical testing on office premises, retail outlets, industrial sites, hotels, residential homes, or small domestic properties, Robart Consulting can provide you with a cost effective service.

    • Residential Home Inspections

    If your home has a finished basement without a previous permit, or you are concerned by a home inspectors report, our detailed electrical inspections will provide the answers to your questions. We can provide documentation for your insurance company attesting to the safety of a previous installation.

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      • Residential Design Consultation

      Who do you go to for electrical design assistance when planning your kitchen upgrade, basement development or the all important man cave? We have over 35 years of experience with projects designed by interior designers, architects and design consultants. We have seen their plans and tricks of the trade. Let us help guide you through the electrical design stage with emphasis on your budget and needs.

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        • Aluminum Wiring Investigation

        If the aluminum wiring in a home has been previously addressed but there is no permit or formal inspection, can you be assured that it is safe? Aluminum wiring is a serious fire risk if not addressed. My house has aluminum wiring and I sleep just fine at night. Let us provide a consultation regarding the method necessary for the protection of your aluminum electrical systems.

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          • Knob and Tube Wiring

          In the early years, pre 1950’s, Knob and Tube wiring was the norm. Today Insurance companies have decided that this form of wiring is unacceptable and they are declining coverage. Let us help you understand the method required to bring your home up to, or exceed the standards set by the Canadian Electrical Code.

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            • Safety Certifications

            You receive a letter from your insurance company asking you to “have your home electrical system certified”. Robart Consulting can provide an electrical inspection and detailed report by a certified master electrician.

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              • Commercial Electrical Analysis

              When a commercial client is looking to purchase or lease a commercial space, most times it is for manufacturing or specialized purposes. The second most important consideration, after size, is the electrical capabilities. Robart Consulting has developed a tool that will give you an exact overview of the capabilities and capacities of the existing commercial electrical systems.

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                • Commercial Electrical Inspections

                In a commercial facility, there may have been numerous additions and modifications to the electrical systems. The condition or method of this work may be of concern to a new purchaser or tenant. Robart Consulting can investigate and report on the condition of the electrical systems. It is an unwanted surprise finding out, after the fact, that you need an extra $20,000.00 for electrical repairs. Buy or lease informed.

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                  One of the most important items that potential purchasers are requiring, is the electrical capabilities of the building he is interested in purchasing or leasing. We will investigate the incoming service voltage and amps according to the local supply authority, the internal transformed power, and the distribution of these voltages throughout the building. You will receive an easy to read report, documenting the available power, allowing your buyer to make an informed decision as to the suitability of the property according to his needs.

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                  * All reports and certificates are computerized so a permanent record exists if you misplace your own copies.



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