We already know how important it is to have an electrical permit taken out for all electrical work that we have done. Along with this naturally comes the involvement of the City of Edmonton electrical inspectors and in a lot of cases, Epcor. When your client says that there has been a service upgrade or aluminum pig tailing done on a home, the very first thing you should ask for a copy of an electrical permit. If they say that none is available, then call the city of Edmonton at 311, and ask to speak with the city inspectors. Ask them to check to see if a permit had been taken out for the work.

A very smart home inspector called me today and said he came across a residential electrical service that he didn’t feel comfortable with. I called the city and asked if an electrical permit was taken out for an upgrade and they said “NO”. I did a site visit this morning and found that there was no sticker on the meter socket and that things were not as they should be.

One sure sign that an illegal service has been done, is the existence of Blue Marretts on the overhead wiring. This is an indication that Epcor has not been involved and that someone has cut the wires in order to do Illegal work. “THIS IS A VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION TO BE IN” First of all the untrained person cutting and handling these overhead lines, may be killed due to electrocution. The second problem with this, is the fact that the
work done on the home has not been inspected for proper code requirements. This may mean that dangerous personel hazards could exist and the possibility of fire.